GreenTec Awards

Thriving Green reached the TOP 10 in the GreenTec Awards Lifestyle Category 2017! The GreenTec Awards are the biggest competition series for green technology concepts worldwide. The TOP 3 in each of the 10 categories get nominated for the gala event in May 12, 2017. As the TOP 3 are determined via an online voting

Posted by Daniel Kotter on September 16, 2016

Bio Gruender Competition

Thriving Green reached the finals of the German business plan competition Bio-Gründer ( Of 52 business plans, Thriving Green made it to the TOP 7. The award presentation will be conducted on 22th September in Boenen, Germany, after the TOP 7 teams pitched their idea in a short 5 min presentation. We are looking forward

Posted by Daniel Kotter on September 5, 2016

Our Logo


We were asked by some people why we chose Thriving Green as our name and why we use the logo you can see below. The answer is that we recognize spirulina as the food of the future due to its super effective production and its nutritional, vitamin and mineral content making it a superfood. This

Posted by Daniel Kotter on September 5, 2016