The team behind Thriving Green.

One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible.

Dschingis Khan

Without our team and local partners, we would not be able to realize our shared vision of making the world a better place. They are committed locally and we are proud to have such great partners at our side.

We tackle and solve problems together, as a team. With ourknow-how, thirst for knowledge and passion. Successfully.


Edward Kute

Buheri Farms

Our partner Edward Kute is Operations Manager of Buheri Farms. ­čî▒

Together with him, we brought the project to life in the heart region of Katito, a small town in Kisumu County near Lake Victoria.

Buheri Farms, in operation since 2017, is more than just a vegetable farm. Since 2017, we have implemented numerous sustainable technologies and processes together with Edward:

­čîčDrip irrigation: An economical irrigation system that minimizes waste.

­čîčWater storage: We can store up to 300,000 liters of water in seven excavated ponds.

­čîčShadow net structures: These structures reduce the effects of the scorching summer heat.

­čîčBeekeeping: A small beehive emphasizes our love of nature and beekeeping.

Buheri Farms’ vision for 2030: to establish itself as a successful company in the region, powered by climate-resilient technology. ­čĺź


Zachuas Ogonji


We have already successfully set up a spirulina tank with our partner Zachuas from Ebukanga in Kenya. ­čî▒With over 9 years of experience in community-based organizations, Zachuas is not only a dedicated development practitioner, but also the Co-Founder & Chairman of Inua Village Group. Since 2017, the group has focused on primary education, agriculture and local production. Other milestones in his career include:

­čîč 2018: Young African Leaders Initiative

­čîč 2019: Obama Leaders Fellow

­čîč Recently: Completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship in the US

­čîč Founder of Plomuna Projects Investment Limited – a consulting company at municipal level

Our next project with him is a hydroponic system – we are proud to be working with him as a partner and look forward to everything that is to come!


Dalmas Otieno Adongo

Wajir Smart Learning

We have established a valuable partnership for education and development with our team member Dalmas Otieno Adongo from Wajir. ­čôÜ

With a sound academic education from the University of Nairobi, Dalmas is not only a dedicated educational practitioner, but also the coordinator at Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE). Since joining the organization, Dalmas has focused on improving access to digital educational resources for disadvantaged community members in Wajir. Other milestones in his career include:

­čîč Recognition for professional competence and empathy as a teacher

­čîč Progress in bridging the digital divide through WASLE

­čîč Use of the Wajir community radio station to disseminate information

Dalmas’ commitment and expertise in the field of education are inspiring for our team. We value his contributions and look forward to further successes in our collaboration!

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Young & motivated.

We are young, highly motivated and dedicated. Composed of mostly students and university graduates, our team is able to use our knowledge in a meaningful way. Thus, we, as a team, do not only increase our own knowledge, but, make the impossible possible: Agriculture in the desert.