The Project: Thriving Green

Hunger is not a problem. It is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

Anne Frank


Place: Kenya


  • Extreme heat, drought and poverty prevent conventional agriculture
  • Aggravation due to climate change
  • Malnutrition continues to rise, especially among children (source: unicef 2022)
Personen Mann hungern Dorf Nariokotome
Hütte in Kenia
Kinder Gruppe Nariokotome 2017
Farmer Joseph aus Nariokotome

The solution

Microorganisms that grow under these adverse conditions are the perfect food for our target regions. These include the microalgae spirulina, a superfood that grows under very alkaline, hot conditions. Spirulina can also be grown in an environmentally friendly way and even binds CO2 in the process.

The nutritional profile (290 kcal, 65 g protein per 100 g and numerous vitamins) prevents the serious consequences of malnutrition. Daily harvesting, high yields, low water consumption and effective CO2 binding make spirulina a promising food for the future.

The same acreage can feed 10 times more people than wheat. The innovative food is already enjoying a high level of acceptance on the market.

Concept & Vision

We want to combat malnutrition in Kenya. To this end, we have already built cultivation facilities for the microalgaespirulina in the Kenyan desert together with the locals in recent years. The cultivated spirulina is intended to enable Kenyans to feed their families and their entire village sustainably.

The income generated from independently operating their own breeding facilities also creates an economic boom that opens up a whole new livelihood for the people, e.g. access to education and medical care. The technical solution has been verified by TÜV Nord, its ecological sustainability has been confirmed by the WWF and it has received the Social Innovation Award from the Bayer Foundationand the GreenTec Award 2017 the largest and most important environmental award in the world.

Our vision is to combat malnutrition in the long term.In cooperation with local Kenyans , we are looking for promising, innovative concepts to ensure a balanced diet. One example of this is the microalgae spirulina, which has become our trademark. Our aim is to make optimum use of the local resources at our locations. We are therefore always on the lookout for other sustainable concepts that can complement our portfolio in the fight against malnutrition.

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Spirulina Ernte Tablett Nahaufnahme
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Getrocknetes Spirulina