The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Thomas Edison


The idea for Thriving Green

A report on the dry, uneconomical Turkana region gave our founder Alexander the idea of using alternative agriculture to combat malnutrition. He chose spirulina, a microalgae rich in vitamins and nutrients that grows under these conditions. The idea for Thriving Green was born!


In April 2017 we started our pilot farm in Turkana. We built our first spirulina farm together with the „Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle“ (MCSPA) and the local community. Our farm managers Joseph and Thomas take care of the facility.


For two years we were part of Enactus e. V., the student association from which we emerged. In 2018, we finally spun off and Thriving Green e. V. became a registered non-profit association.


Together with the Inua Village Group and its contact partner Zachuas, we opened our second location in Ebukanga in 2019. The location of the spirulina plant on the school grounds is intended to guarantee the supply of spirulina to the pupils.


A new cooperation with Inshape Fitness Limited and our plant manager in Mombasa, Edward, enabled us to build our third spirulina plant there.


Thanks to Edward’s motivation and commitment, we were able to have the spirulina grown in Mombasa certified in 2021. The pure, certified spirulina could be offered at various locations in Mombasa.

Flo and Anja, both part of our marketing team, have dedicated themselves to a new project – our own TG podcast. Available on Spotify and all common platforms. Listen in to find out more about TG and working in an NGO!


New partnership with Viride e. V.

Nothing is more important than contacts and a good network! We are therefore very pleased to be able to call Viride e. V. our new partner since 2022! The motivated start-up wants to cultivate microalgae such as spirulina in the desert of the Western Sahara. Mutual exchange of know-how and discussions help us both to improve our projects.


In January 2023, we were able to visit the Viride e. V. site in Western Sahara! Stefan and Florian from the technical team packed up our sensor and finally tested it in real conditions. The visit has enriched our experience and we would like to thank Viride e. V. for this!

After our farm in Mombasa suffered from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, our motivated farmer Edward turned his attention to another project in his home country. Together with us, he wants to modernize Buheri Farms, plant innovative products and look for opportunities for a new Spriulina plant.


Together with Zachuas from the Innua Village Group, we want to set up a hydroponics plant in Ebukanga. The construction of several prototypes is in full swing in order to establish the resource-saving cultivation method.

Personen Team Joseph Thomas Partner Spirulina Becken Nariokotome 2017

Spirulina and much more

After years of challenges and many changes, we can now proudly look back on our progress: Together with the local people, we were able to build a few facilities in Kenyafor the cultivation of spirulina. from a variety of disciplines have traveled to Kenya over time for Thriving Green to optimize the production process, explore new locations, and educate local people about our superfood. We have even developed a sensor, which measures important parameters in the breeding tank, which allows us to ensure perfect growing conditions.

We have big plans for the future of our project. With your support, we can reach even more malnourished people. Together we can contribute to the fight against world hunger! Another concept that we want to establish for this are hydroponic systems. This water-saving, innovative agricultural technique is a promising concept for Kenya.

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