We believe that transparency is a core criterion for trustworthy social engagement. We have therefore committed to making the following information available to the public as part of the Transparent Civil Society initiative.

Transparency information for the public

  1. Name, registered office, address and year of incorporation
    1. Thriving Green e. V., Regensburg, Galgenbergstr. 29 93053 Regensburg, 2018
    2. Contact: Richard Bock, Mainblick 6, 63743 Aschaffenburg,
  2. Complete articles of association and details of the organization’s objectives
    1. See Articles of Association
    2. Organizational Objectives:
      According to the statutes: sustainable fight against malnutrition through the cultivation of Spirulina in developing countries. Association work is based on the concept “help for self-help” and promotes the training, as well as further support of spirulina farmers in the context of spirulina cultivation.
  3. Information about the tax benefit
    1. Tax exempt due to promotion of development cooperation (§52 para. 2 sentence no. (n) 15 AO)
    2. See notice of determination
  4. Name and function of key decision makers:
    1. board of directors: Alexander Zacharuk,
    2nd board member: Daniel Kotter,
    Treasurer (3rd board member): Jens Eckberg
  5. Activity Report:
    See 11. archive: annual reports
  6. Personnel structure
    1. Operations: Daniel Kotter, Alexander Zacharuk
    2. Technology:
      Head: Stefan Weigl
      Florian Feldmeier, Marie Oßner, Christopher Hölzl, Felicitas Rauh, Felicia Telschow
    3. Marketing&Fundraising:
      Head: Jens Eckberg
      Luka Krampert, Sophie Allgöwer, Anja Wilson, Richard Bock, Florian Mayer
    4. IT: Andreas Obermeier
  7. Information on the source of funds:
    See 11. archive: annual reports
  8. Information on the use of funds:
    See 11. archive: annual reports
  9. Corporate legal affiliation with third parties:
  10. Names of individuals whose annual payments exceed 10% of the total annual budget:

    Zayed Sustanability Prize

  11. Archive: Annual reports
    1. German:
      1. Jahresbericht_2021
      2. Jahresbericht_2020
    2. English:
      1. Annual_Report_2021
      2. Annual_Report_2020

Additional note: In the context of gender-sensitive language our association uses gender neutral formulations.

Status: 28.02.2022