A sustainable agriculture is one which depletes neither the people nor the land.

Wendell Berry

The concept

Hydroponics is a cultivation method that is revolutionizing traditional soil-based agriculture. With this innovative technique, plants are not cultivated in the soil, but in a special nutrient solution that contains all the necessary nutrients. This makes it possible to grow plants on site regardless of soil quality, climate or seasonal restrictions.

The heart of a hydroponic system is the closed, fertilized water circuit. Instead of soil, the roots of the plants are dipped directly into the nutrient solution or sprayed with it. This allows the plants to absorb all the nutrients they need directly, resulting in faster growth and higher yields. This precise control of the nutrient supply also enables farmers to achieve the ideal balance for the growth of their plants while using fewer resources.

There are a variety of hydroponic systems that can be used depending on the specific requirements and conditions. From nutrient film technology (NFT) systems and aeroponic systems to vertical and horizontal systems, there is a suitable solution for every requirement.

For more information about our first hydroponic project in Ebukanga read our blog. We were fortunate to receive support from “Hydroponics Africa Limited”.


The advantages

  • Water-saving: Hydroponic systems use significantly less water compared to traditional soil cultivation. Thanks to the closed water cycle, the water is efficiently recycled and only minimal evaporation occurs.

  • Regardless of soil quality and climate: In areas with arid conditions or variable soil quality, such as in parts of Kenya, hydroponics offers a sustainable solution. As no fertile soil is required, plants can be grown anywhere, regardless of the local conditions.

  • Space-saving: Vertical hydroponic systems make it possible to make optimum use of the available space by stacking plants on several levels. This also makes them ideal for urban cultivation, where space is often limited.

  • Faster growth and higher yields: By directly absorbing nutrients, plants in hydroponic systems can grow faster and achieve higher yields than in conventional cultivation methods.