Foundation of the non-profit association “Thriving Green e.V.”

As an association, we want above all to advance our vision: to improve the world sustainably!

Over the past two years, our project Thriving Green has grown rapidly. For this reason we decided to found the non-profit association “Thriving Green e.V.”. Yesterday the 15 founding members met to give the starting signal for the foundation. Our main goal is to push foward our vision: to improve the world sustainably!

Of course we never stoped working on our goal and achieved a lot in the last months. Our Spirulina farmers got new and better equipment to make the cultivation of the algae even more efficient. In addition, we have reduced the construction costs for the Spirulina basins by 30% and developed new, more effective technologies. Since mid-November we have 2 volunteers in Kenya who build new basins together with the locals and support them with the distribution of Spirulina.

And to keep you up to date in the future, we now have a newsletter with exciting insights about our volunteers, our everyday life here in Germany and the progress in Kenya. You can register easily on our homepage.

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