Wajir Smart Learning: Education that moves

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In a world that is constantly changing and developing, it is important that education and sustainability go hand in hand. We, Thriving Green, are committed to fighting malnutrition and food security through innovative concepts such as spirulina cultivation. To achieve this goal, we have recently launched a new partnership with Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE). Together, we are committed to setting up a spirulina farm on WASLE’s school grounds in order to improve not only food security but also local educational opportunities.

Wajir Smart Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality educational content through offline mobile digital libraries for children in Wajir County. Through its community outreach programs, it reaches out to students who have dropped out of school due to various obstacles and offers them the opportunity to continue their education. WASLE is particularly committed to helping neglected and vulnerable population groups, especially in crisis areas and regions that are difficult to access (https://ilearn.ke).

Spirulina, a microalgae known for its high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is becoming increasingly popular as a dietary supplement. Due to its water-saving cultivation, it represents a sustainable and profitable alternative to conventional agriculture in arid regions such as north-eastern Kenya.

Our partnership with Wajir Smart Learning opens up new locations where we can build spirulina farms together. Our proximity to the schools enables us to distribute spirulina to the pupils directly after harvesting. In this way, we want to improve local food security and involve the local population in the cultivation and processing of this nutrient-rich algae. This project is a step towards a greener and healthier future for the communities in Wajir and beyond.

We are very much looking forward to working together and are grateful for the new partnership, which opens up many new opportunities. We invite everyone to become part of this new project. Whether through donations, volunteering or simply by sharing our story – every contribution counts. Together, we can shape a sustainable future in which education and food security go hand in hand.

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