Water Day: Sustainable solutions for a dry world


Every year since 1992, the United Nations has called for World Water Day on March 22. Water is a vital element for us humans and all other living creatures on earth and its availability is limited. This year, we therefore want to use Water Day to write about the problems and opportunities in dealing with water in arid regions such as Kenya.

The arid climate and variable soil quality pose a challenge for farmers in Kenya. Traditional cultivation methods often reach their limits here, as they require high water consumption and are dependent on fertile soils. But there is hope: through innovative approaches such as hydroponics and the cultivation of water-saving crops such as the algae spirulina, we can create sustainable solutions for agriculture in arid regions.

As an NGO committed to innovative agriculture in Kenya, we are committed to projects that promote water efficiency and food security. One example of this is the cultivation of spirulina, a microalgae that requires little water compared to conventional crops and thrives in the prevailing arid conditions 2. It is also considered a superfood, rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. By growing spirulina, we can work with local partners to improve food security and reduce water consumption at the same time.

We are also working with our partners in Kenya on a new project in which we are introducing hydroponic systems to create a water-saving alternative to traditional soil farming 3. Hydroponics enables us to grow plants without soil by cultivating them in a special nutrient solution. This not only offers the advantage of lower water consumption, but also makes it possible to grow food in areas with variable soil quality and limited resources.

Water Day reminds us how important it is to use this precious resource responsibly. Through innovative approaches and joint efforts, we can help create a sustainable future for arid regions like Kenya.

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